Data protection

The website operator of this website is committed to the protection of the privacy of all the people who use this website, and to handle the personal data provided by the visitors confidentially. The website operator will not disclose any personal user data of the website to third parties.

Normally, you’ll be able to access the website, without revealing any personal information. It may occur that some areas will require a registration by specifying a user name and a password; if in a particular case the name, address or other personal data is submitted over the Internet, for example, in order to enable a correspondence, the website operator will guarantee the careful compliance with the conditions required by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) for such data. If you submit a request to the website operator not to use this data for a further contacting and/or to delete the data, the website operator will act accordingly.

Usage data
The usage of this website will create usage data which will be provided to the website operator by the provider. The website operator will evaluate this data, to be able to structure his offering accordingly, but will comply with all the standards of the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG) during the implementation of all measures. No usage data or user profiles will be allocated to personal data by the website operator.

Statistical evaluations
The open-source software PIWIK is used on these web pages for the statistical usage data analysis. The data collected by PIWIK is stored in a database. Thereby, the evaluations generated with PIWIK are completely anonymized and cannot be used for the identification of individual persons. A correlation of the data saved by PIWIK will not be linked with other data sources, nor will they be provided to third parties.