We offer products and solutions for numerous industries and purposes: Our perforated metal plates are often designed to customer specifications. You can find them in the area of architecture used as facades, blinds, or as alternative to steel bars at the windows of the penal facility in Berlin Tegel. Our perforated metals are used in the food industry, in medical engineering, for agricultural machinery, in the automotive sector and the aeronautical industry. Applications range from filters and sieves to baking trays and conveyors up to inlays for riding helmets or plates for furniture.

As system supplier for customer specific machinery facing we supply assembly groups, packed and prepared on fabrication carts to industrial companies. For all customer specific solutions we put our priority to a close collaboration with our customers from construction on. Through continuing coordination we are able to achieve the best results in quality, time and budget for our customers during production. We supplement our portfolio with spare and wear parts for construction machinery. Those parts have been well established on the market since 1977 and are now delivered to customers in more than 80 countries.

Expertise in metal.